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Blockchain is a growing retail technology, essentially a  list of records, linked and secured using cryptography. Here we have a collection of articles about blockchain in retail. 

How Blockchain and AI Can Future-Proof the Supply Chain Against Viral Threats

Supply and retail companies continue to deliver, but there’s no doubt the supply chain is feeling the strain. To keep up, something needs to change. 

How The Coupon Bureau is Cutting Down on Fraud and Unlocking Mobile Couponing

The Coupon Bureau is giving retailers more visibility into — and control over — their coupon events.

When a country the size of the U.S. is an early adopter, rapid innovation can become a barrier to future innovation. 

An astounding 86% of senior executives foresee blockchain achieving mainstream adoption — with 53% citing it as one of their top five priorities. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of its capabilities.

By integrating and processing product information, ERP systems can become digital business management platforms that improve customer service and introduce new efficiencies into the supply chain.

By integrating and processing product information, ERP systems can become digital business management platforms that improve customer service and introduce new efficiencies into the supply chain.

Walmart Canada's blockchain-based freight and payment network establishes collaboration with 70 third-party trucking companies that transport inventory for Walmart Canada nationally, making it the first enterprise full production blockchain solution launched at a large scale for a mission-critical function.

RIS brings you on an exclusive photo tour of American Dream and reveals the megamall’s tech dreams for its future retail tenants and shoppers.

Walmart is piloting blockchain technology for traceability of shrimp sourced in India and traveling to Sam’s Club locations. Get the details of Walmart’s latest blockchain move and review its progression utilizing blockchain over the last few years.

In this unique Special Report, RIS uncovers why a small group of retailers are scoring big gains in the battle for consumers and how they are reshaping the competitive landscape. Join us as we examine consumer behaviors in grocery retail and the significant steps retailers are taking and the technologies they are implementing to respond to them.

Retail is constantly evolving. To stay ahead retailers need to know the hot trends before they emerge. You don’t want to miss industry insider Justin Honaman’s annual look at the top retail tech trends to watch in the New Year.

RIS explores three of the hottest topics in supply chain today: hyper localization, last-mile innovation and collaboration. Learn how to meet the needs of today's shoppers with a fluid and dynamic, real-time supply chain.

Download this Roadmap report and discover how implementing cutting-edge solutions like digital sourcing, blockchain, IoT and RFID are helping retailers track product throughout the supply chain and get a leg up on the competition.

Blockchain technology may have an enormous impact on the retail industry and 2018 is shaping up to be a critical year. Learn how these five retailers have been exploring blockchain and are now moving forward with real-world uses for the technology in our April feature.

This is one article you don't want to miss. Check out our annual look at the trends, buzzwords, tech, and ideas that will dominate the retail industry over the next year.

Blockchain technology is making waves in the 3PL industry. Uncover how how the tech will re-shape the logistics industry and help supply chain management companies reduce costs, improve trust and security, and achieve greater scalability.

Starbucks suffered weak holiday sales, but offered up strong digital plan to rebound. Learn the details and hear Howard Schultz's thoughts on blockchain.

Over the past 18 months, Walmart has piloted new blockchain technology in collaboration with IBM and now it will require its suppliers of one particular vegetable to use the tech. Find out what you need to know about the mega retailer's latest food safety move.

The potential applications of blockchain are endless, and for retailers blockchain will be revolutionary. Will your organization be a leader or a laggard?

Starbucks will launch a pilot program with coffee farmers in its supply chain to develop next-level data technology to log and share real-time information along the journey of coffee beans. Learn the details.

Is accepting Bitcoin as payment right for your business? From paying vendors to processing customer transactions, let’s take a look at six business-minded cryptocurrency benefits.

The unification of items and their data is a key to winning in the age of omnichannel. See how blockchain is helping retailers optimize the supply chain and granting early adopters a leg up on the competition.

How can grocers ensure food safety? The answer lies in technology.

Kroger and Walmart, as well as other companies across the global food supply chain, have announced a major blockchain collaboration with IBM intended to strengthen consumer confidence in the global food system.

Chances are you’ve come across the word Bitcoin several times – at the very least, in some general finance related news.

Retailers need a solution that connects all channels and bridges the gap between suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and retailers. True data transparency from source to shelf can be achieved through Blockchain technology. 

Blockchain-based assets can be utilized as better, more efficient methods of distributing value for various business operations. Uncover the four reasons major retailers will almost assuredly develop their own cryptocurrencies in the near future.