Bold Metrics Launched Sport Metric and VR Metric to Predict Body Measurements in Retail, CPG and Virtual Reality

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Bold Metrics Launched Sport Metric and VR Metric to Predict Body Measurements in Retail, CPG and Virtual Reality


Bold Metrics, the most advanced machine learning technology for predicting the human body, announced today the addition of Sport Metric and VR Metric to a product portfolio that includes Fashion Metric.

The company, which includes a team of data scientists and one of the largest data warehouses of human body measurements, launched Fashion Metric in 2013 to make accurate apparel design and size predictions. Today, the company announced its rebrand to Bold Metrics, and their expansion into new verticals, including sports and fitness and emerging VR offerings. Sport Metric will aid consumers in buying sporting goods relative to their body shape, and VR Metric will help users create authentic avatars.

“Over the last four years Bold Metrics has developed one of the most advanced machine learning technologies for predicting the human body,” said Daina Burnes, co-founder and CEO, Bold Metrics. “After using the solution on our own apparel eCommerce store, we began licensing our technology to apparel brands and retailers. Today, Bold Metrics offers three solutions, Fashion Metric, Sport Metric and VR Metric, to help retail and technology companies provide customers and users with products that accurately fit their unique body measurements.”

Inspired by her family craft in master tailoring, Burnes realized that old world tailoring methods could be revolutionized to work with online shopping. In 2012, the team started building machine learning and mathematical algorithms to make it possible for online shoppers to get fitted for custom clothing without the need for a measuring tape, a selfie, or a physical body scanner. In 2015, Fashion Metric expanded its reach into the ready-to-wear space, and now powers some of the world's largest retailers and brands behind-the-scenes in their white-labeled fitting solutions. These predictions have been proven to be more accurate than if someone measured their own body, and it comes within 3% of what a master tailor would measure in-person. 

Sport Metric leverages the Bold Metrics prediction technology to make it easier than ever to purchase sporting goods online. Buying the right size bike, skis, or golf clubs online all require detailed body measurements that most consumers don't know without getting measured in-person. With Sport Metric, shoppers’ measurements are predicted at a higher level of accuracy than if they measured themselves, taking the friction out of the online shopping process.

VR Metric, the newest solution from Bold Metrics, allows for an entirely new way to generate realistic avatars in virtual reality (VR). From social to shopping, having a true-to-life avatar is becoming increasingly important to users, many of who don't have the background to build sophisticated 3D human models for VR or augmented reality (AR) applications.

“It’s been an amazing journey and incredibly satisfying to see our technology become the gold standard for predicting the human body,” said Morgan Linton, co-founder and CRO, Bold Metrics. “We see the world changing a lot with increased consumer desire for personalization and with the advancements in VR and AR and it’s especially exciting to be making an impact in these areas. In addition, the technology provides feedback data based on real-life body measurements to enable brand manufacturers to more accurately design and size their products.”

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