Bon-Ton Improves Hiring Process With PeopleAnswers Software

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. is licensing the PeopleAnswers HR-focused business solution to improve its in-store employee sales performance while lowering employee turnover.

"Today's challenging retail market is growing more competitive with shrinking margins that require us to focus on improving our sales productivity and performance," said senior vice president, Human Resources for Bon-Ton, Denise Domian. "PeopleAnswers is a strategic tool to help our organization find the best, most productive talent who will remain with us longer while also improving sales and service across all of our locations and brands."

Bon-Ton will use the intuitive, cloud-based PeopleAnswers desktop and mobile software platforms in each of its 272 department stores across all nameplates in the U.S. to prescreen and hire new team members, including managers, supervisors and sales associates, as well as all distribution center processor positions. The retailer will also use the PeopleAnswers assessment to hire corporate positions.

By using PeopleAnswers, Bon-Ton will have a consistent employee recruiting process that uses talent science to improve the quality of its hiring decisions while also helping managers be more efficient. The assessment process will include a prescreen behavioral evaluation that will determine best-fit candidates prior to a formal interview and a custom Performance Profile for each position. The unique ability to compare candidates with multiple profiles to determine a future career path helps hiring managers select the candidates with the highest probability to succeed long-term.

Managers will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for candidate interview questions, employee development and succession planning. PeopleAnswers will integrate with Bon-Ton's applicant tracking system.

"A retailer's associates are often the competitive differentiator," said Gabriel Goncalves, CEO and president, PeopleAnswers. "As a proven technology used across the retail industry, PeopleAnswers will help support Bon-Ton's strategic sales, productivity and customer service goals with a consistent, efficient hiring process that will scale across all locations and brands."
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