Borders Upgrades Web Site with Site Accelerator Tools


Borders implements Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator, Media Delivery and Stream OS solutions. Borders can now improve and accelerate site performance and efficiently manage and deliver dynamic, rich media content in the Adobe Flash format on the site.

The new site brings the bookstore experience online with innovative features such as the Magic Shelf, a virtual bookshelf that allows customers to easily view book, music and movie titles much as they would browse the book tables, displays and shelves in their favorite Borders store. The retailer uses Akamai's solutions to help accelerate the delivery of dynamic, interactive content on the Magic Shelf, increase the download speed of shopping applications and improve the response time for the display of the entire Web page. In addition, by leveraging Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator, Borders can enjoy improved scalability, performance and availability for the highest possible number of visitors without weighing down its own infrastructure.

The site also includes original and exclusive video programming created by Borders. With the growing amount of online video content added onto their e-commerce site, Borders needed a high-quality digital media management tool to help them manage their online video assets. With the Akamai Stream OS and Akamai Media Delivery solutions, Borders can manage and deliver their video content in Flash format, ensuring that their e-commerce site can serve up all the rich media content in a fast and reliable manner.

'By implementing Akamai's suite of technology solutions, we can focus on delivering great services that ultimately translate into an enjoyable, reliable and engaging online shopping experience for our consumers," said Kevin Ertell, vice president of e-business for Borders Group. 

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