Bosideng Preps for Growth With Lectra Cutter

Bosideng has adopted a Lectra cutting room technology suite, including the acquisition of a Lectra Vector® cutter. The deal brings an improvement to Bosideng’s pre-production operations, in terms of efficiency and cut-quality, in order to prepare for high growth.

The top Chinese men’s wear brand, with revenues of $1.6 billion in 2013, draws on 22 years of experience to produce and retail clothing with an East meets West design aesthetic, a blend of British tailoring and Chinese sensibility. Bosideng aims to become one of the first Chinese men’s wear brands to dominate the international market. With 13,000 points of sale in China, Bosideng has ambitious plans for international expansion: the company opened a flagship store in London in 2012, participated in New York fashion week earlier this year, and plans to open stores in New York and Milan.

“Lectra was selected because of their excellent reputation in the cutting room, the very high quality of their cutting machines, and their know-how. Compared to the competition, the cutting quality of Lectra’s Vector solutions is much better, greatly contributing to production efficiency. While high cutting quality was a key point, it was Lectra’s overall approach, which supports our customer focused future, that made a difference for us,” says Pan Qiangdong, industry equipment manager of Bosideng.

“Bosideng’s current cutting room and production model is around 20 years old and has not evolved much over the years. This situation and the resulting workflows are not able to support the current business or future growth. So we have been looking for a partner and solutions to help us make the necessary changes in order to be able to grow,” explains Huang Xiaohua, General Manager of Bosideng.

Lectra’s offer helps manufacturers obtain optimal conditions in the cutting room to achieve saved time, material and energy costs, while reducing the potential for human error and inconsistency.

“Lectra covers the whole fashion process from concept to pre-production. They are expert all along this value chain. This means that Lectra is able to nurture the further development of Bosideng according to our strategy. We are very well aligned,” adds Huang Xiaohua.
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