Buehler Food Markets' Personalized Real-Time Promotions

Regional grocery chain Buehler Food Markets is leveraging the Manthan Customer Analytics solution to provide critical customer insights and execute one-to-one marketing for all of its retail formats.

“We are entering into a new partnership with Manthan to enhance our ability to grow and retain our customer base in today’s competitive retail environment,” said Bob Buehler, EVP marketing and fresh goods, Buehler’s. “We anticipate Manthan’s solution to build upon our existing strength in delivering an exceptional shopping experience characterized by personal relationships based on trust by enabling our team to provide engaging and relevant marketing offers for our customers.”

The 14-location Ohio-based chain is implementing both Manthan’s Customer360 and TargetOne solutions. Developed specifically for marketers, Customer360 provides a 360-degree view of the customer, aggregating demographic, transaction and behavioral data collected across multiple retail channels. Marketers can leverage application insights to better understand their customers’ preferences and evaluate marketing campaign performance. Customer360 also supports advanced and predictive analytics capabilities, including customer segmentation and churn modeling. Insights delivered through Customer360 provide marketers with the information required to create and review marketing strategies for improved customer engagement.

To effectively execute personalized and real-time offers, retailers must understand their customer base and leverage tools to deliver unique offers by customer or segment. TargetOne features a rules-based logic and patented offer recommendation engine and assists marketers in the delivery of such one-to-one marketing offers. For instance, TargetOne helps retailers apply an ideal cadence of customer communications across a number dimensions, such as customer, channel, product, time and context.

 “Manthan’s Customer Analytics solution helps retailers to connect with their customers on a personal level," Hillary Ashton, VP of customer analytics, Manthan said. "With actionable insights from Customer360 combined with TargetOne’s support for offer recommendations, retailers can quickly develop and deliver compelling communications to attract new and retain loyal customers easier than ever before.”
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