Build Customer Loyalty With In-Aisle Mobile Shopping Experiences

White Horse released a first-of-its-kind report that identifies a model for retailers to build customer loyalty and sales with in-aisle mobile experiences. “The Future of In-Aisle Mobile: A Framework for Consumer-Centered Innovation,” available to purchase on the White Horse website, uncovers specific ways for retailers to break away from competitors with competitively differentiating mobile marketing strategies.
Focused on how consumers are using smartphones to supplement in-store shopping experiences and how retailers can enhance the experience to increase sales and loyalty, the report was derived from multiple research angles to capture qualitative and quantitative data. White Horse conducted 13 videotaped shop-along trips to premiere retailers including Ann Taylor LOFT, Best Buy, Sephora and Bed, Bath & Beyond and an online survey of 390 U.S.-based smartphone users to validate the field research.
“Exploring the infancy of in-aisle mobile experiences unearthed simple ways that retailers can make more of their initial in-store mobile efforts to create a solid program foundation,” says Will Reese, PhD, director of White Horse’s Digital Futures Group. “White Horse developed a roadmap to fully evolved in-aisle mobile experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.”
The majority of retailers are operating in the first of four in-aisle mobile experience phases according to the White Horse report. The “Independent” phase is reflected in physical store experiences and mobile experiences that are happening congruently but not as a designed or supported experience. Despite the lack of in-store integration or support, 84 percent of smartphone shoppers are engaged in some form of in-store mobile shopping activity. Among the most popular are price-checking representing 72 percent, accessing product reviews and recommendations searches total 67 percent of in-store mobile activity while 61 percent seek store information. The report uncovers specific ways for retailers to move to the second phase, “Supported,” by providing competitively differentiating mobile support.
To find out more about the “The Future of In-Aisle Mobile: A Framework for Consumer-Centered Innovation” report, download a complimentary 12 page preview, or purchase the full report on White Horse’s website.

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