Bureau Veritas Launches Testing Solutions for Smart Apparel

Bureau Veritas, together with 7layers, providers of testing, inspection/audit, advisory and certification services for the smart world, is launching its new suite of Smart Wear testing solutions for products including trackers, VR headsets and smart clothing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Wed., March 1, 2017. Co-presenting at the launch will be one of Bureau Veritas strategic partners, TexRay's AiQ Smart Clothing, which will be showcasing its BioMan range of products that successfully completed the Smart Wear program from Bureau Veritas.

"As two mature industries converge, there are many challenges facing manufacturers of smart wear products," said Elizabeth Hausler, vice president of global technical services at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services and technical lead for the Smart Wear Solutions Program. "There is a need for industry standards, the need to address consumer concerns and the real issue of understanding the regulatory framework for this new category of product.

"Our unique position in having global capabilities covering traditional physical and chemical testing as well as connectivity testing meant we were able to address these challenges," Hausler continued. "We first carried out a comprehensive consumer panel evaluation to identify the real concerns of users. We then adapted existing well-known standards covering both physical, chemical as well connectivity requirements. Moving forward, we will also continue to leverage our leading industry position including our chair position within standards bodies such as the ASTM Committee on Smart Textiles (D13.50) and AATCC's research committee on Electronically Integrated Textiles (RA111)."
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