Burt's Bees Finds Efficiency and Energy Savings

Determined to maximize operations while protecting the environment, Burt's Bees has obtained the best of both worlds. With its new sensor-activated Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) Conveyor, recently implemented by Tompkins Associates (Tompkins), the company increased efficiency and elevated its energy savings: Energy usage is expected to decrease by as much as 40 to 60 percent.

Working with Tompkins to avoid potential problems with storage capacity and customer shipments, Burt's Bees quickly addressed its issues, which were caused by recent product line expansion and clientele growth.

The company leased a 144,000 square foot Distribution Center (DC) in Morrisville, NC, optimized the capacity for future growth, and implemented new material handling equipment (MHE). Tompkins Warehouse Control System (TCS), which includes a system backup and complex event logging, was also installed for better MHE control.

Tony Quartararo, Executive VP of Supply Chain at Burt's Bees, is much happier with the new DC and maximized processes. "The environment is a priority for Burt's Bees, and as we continue to grow, we are ensuring that we remain true to our commitment to the greater good in all we do," he says. "With our new, more efficient operations and equipment, we are able to reduce the amount of energy we use and reduce costs at the same time. It's a win/win situation."

The new solutions maximized the capacity of the DC, boosted return on investment (ROI), and minimized operating costs. Burt's Bees can now consolidate finished goods in one building and meet its growth projections without missing deliveries due to inventory issues.

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