Cache Taps RetailNext for Traffic Management, Real-time Monitoring

In-store analytics provider RetailNext says that women's apparel retailer Cache has chosen RetailNext for its in-store traffic management and real-time monitoring system. Cache is currently rolling out RetailNext's platform across the majority of its stores in 43 states.

"Until recently we've been testing traffic counters in a limited number of our stores," said a Cache spokesperson. "We believe that installing the RetailNext system will provide us with better information and intuitive access to data that we have not had available before this roll-out. We expect that we will be able to uncover opportunities for improving the shopping experience that otherwise would be invisible to us."

RetailNext enables retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze and visualize in-store data — providing store operations executives with the insights needed to grow same-store sales, reduce theft and cut costs. The company uses video analytics, on-shelf sensors, point-of-sale systems and other sources to inform retailers about how shoppers engage with their stores.

Retailers can use traffic counting and conversion metrics for:
  • Store Benchmarking: identify norms, trends, and outliers in conversion across locations
  • Staffing Optimization: discover best times to allocate staffing resources
  • Marketing Testing: determine effectiveness of promotions and marketing programs

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