Calvin Klein Unveils Virtual Sales Assistant at Macy's Herald Square

Calvin Klein has deployed a unique interactive shopping experience at Macy's Herald Square store in New York City, soon to be rolling out at 18 other Macy's locations nationwide this year. Using dynamic marketing technologies from Creative Realities, Calvin Klein is helping to make shopping for denim wear more intuitive.

Calvin Klein is employing interactive touch display and sales assistance applications developed by Creative Realities to support shoppers as they navigate the sophisticated denim category. Taking advantage of virtual sales assistants, visitors to the Herald Square flagship location can explore the brand, shop its offerings and learn more about CK's wide range of denim merchandise. At the center, is the store's 75-inch interactive Samsung touch display powered with customized content and software interfaces that promote unique user interactions.

Calvin Klein Interactive denim shopping assistant
"The collaboration between Creative Realities and Calvin Klein demonstrates modern digital marketing at its best, from both a design and deployment perspective," said Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities. "Important to the initiative was that we wanted to faithfully represent the voice and essence of the Calvin Klein brand – known for its sophisticated and modern denim styles.

"From the start, we worked hand-in-hand with the CK team to establish a strong bridge between their retail merchandising efforts and marketing technology systems – to seamlessly integrate the right digital elements (including internet-based media and mobile applications) into the aesthetics and attributes of the brand," Price continued. 

In working with Calvin Klein, Creative Realities set out to provide an experience that leverages the latest technologies consumers are using to shop. Strategically placed interactive displays feature fresh, streaming content and brilliant high-definition graphics which serve to inspire customers and influence their buys, including complementary and related product purchases (i.e. a shirt, sweater, or scarf).

For the "mission" shoppers – consumers with a definite goal in mind (in this case, a new pair of jeans) – virtual sales associates can be accessed to locate a particular size, fit, color and style in the store. These virtual sales assistants leverage the store's artificial intelligence system to show shoppers where merchandise can be found by synchronizing LED lighting that emphasizes placement on shelves.

The value of virtual sales associates
Too often sales go wrong without the right sales assistance. No information or the wrong information are just a few factors. However, new and emerging mobile technologies coupled with live databases and smart interfaces are helping retailers and brands to augment their salesforce skills by either getting the info they need right away or suggesting more info, such as other merchandise. A growing list of digital sales-assistant tools is being enabled by the deluge of mobile tablets, application technologies, and AI platforms available to the market.

Price concluded, "Retail and brand leaders like Calvin Klein have a strong desire to modernize the store experience or the experience of the brand inside the store. They recognize the importance of exploring new and innovative technologies and how they can improve customers' access to and interaction with product offerings. We see additional opportunities to expand the Creative Realities and Calvin Klein partnership in the near future and look forward to supporting initiatives further."
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