Canada's First HP Store Features Interactive Digital Signage

Customers are greeted by innovative digital signage as they enter Canada’s first HP Store. The store recently opened in the thriving retail district of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia and features an inventive solution installed by Scala and 10net Managed Solutions.
When customers enter, they are welcomed by experience pods and features an innovative section displaying the latest HP technology products. At the store’s check-out, patrons will see a display consisting of three side-by-side 47-inch LCD HP LD4700 screens mounted on a curved wall and powered by an HP Z400 Workstation. These screens communicate product information, upcoming store events and personalized welcome messages as customers enter the store to pick up their new HP products.
The system is easy to use and helps employees stay on top of key branding opportunities and highlight the importance of delivering a fun interactive experience. The new solution helps the HP Store Vancouver be a pleasing one-stop shopping experience for both consumers and small business owners.
“The HP Store features HP’s latest consumer and commercial technology products,” said Andrew Chun, business development manager, HP Canada. “We are particularly excited with the digital signage because it is an excellent showcase of how HP’s latest workstation PC technology and professional display technology come together as a stunning visual communication tool.”
Scala Certified Partner 10net Managed Solutions (Vancouver, British Columbia) worked closely with HP and partner AdCetera to incorporate this digital component to complement and enhance The HP Store’s interactive environment.10Net designed, installed and hosts the digital network.10net also monitors the screens and manages the content using Scala 5.
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