Catchpoint Adds User Sentiment to Digital Experience Solutions

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Catchpoint Adds User Sentiment to Digital Experience Solutions


Catchpoint, a provider of digital experience monitoring solutions, has added user sentiment to its platform, combining synthetic, network, endpoint and real user monitoring capabilities.

This new integrated capability is designed to equip enterprises with broader insights into the overall health and performance of all their digital services and applications, enabling them to better understand the opinions and feelings of their customers as they are consuming digital services and apps.

“User sentiment is all about monitoring and analyzing what users say and feel about your service so it’s a critical component of [digital experience monitoring]," said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint.  “With the integration of user sentiment into our platform, companies can now leverage the most complete telemetry, to increase visibility and context, resulting in fewer blind spots and a faster way to resolve digital performance degradation.”

The company also released, a free resource that leverages the same user-sentiment capabilities designed to help organizations and users respond to and address service outages.

WebSee collects and analyzes global user sentiment data that is then verified by Catchpoint’s platform. Users can self-report issues with website directly on the site or download a Catchpoint browser extension, which collects user metrics for any web app, and can report these metrics in real time. This free solution is delivered through three core capabilities:

  1. User Sentiment Analysis: Collects and analyzes global user sentiment data
  2. User self-reporting: Users can self-report outages or performance issues directly on the WebSee site or via the free browser extension
  3. Verified by Catchpoint: Significant outages or performance degradations reported by users will be verified by Catchpoint and reported on

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