Celerant and SPS Are Teaming Up

Celerant Technology and SPS Commerce, Inc. are teaming up.

Celerant is a retail management system that manages all channels, in real-time, including in-store, online and mobile- with one, single database.  Integration with the SPS Commerce retail network allows Celerant's small to mid-market retailers to maximize and expand vendor relationships by managing their entire fulfillment onboarding and drop shipping process. The integration also provides the ability to monitor vendor performance and compliance.

As part of the partnership, retailers can import vendor and manufacturer inventory data on their e-commerce sites, in real-time, and have vendors drop ship orders directly to customers. Celerant's clients can also manage and monitor vendor performance and compliance. Additionally, user-friendly reports and vendor scorecards allow retailers to track compliance issues and spot trends to optimize their operations throughout their entire trading network.

"We are seeing an increased demand from our clients to better leverage their distributors and manufacturers to offload overhead and labor," said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. "Through our new SPS Commerce integration, we offer an advanced fulfillment solution allowing clients to expand vendor relationships by taking advantage of SPS's network."

"Partnering with Celerant provides mid-market retailers enhanced communication, visibility and efficiencies across their supply chain to more quickly meet the demands of the digital retail era," said Peter Zaballos, senior vice president and CMO, SPS Commerce. "Together, we orchestrate order information and engagement across all channels giving shoppers the seamless shopping experience they have come to expect."
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