Chantelle Groupe Moves Marketing, Manu Teams to Box

Chantelle Groupe, a French lingerie company founded in 1876, is moving its marketing and manufacturing teams to Box to modernize its business through improved internal and external information sharing.

"Box is helping us to bridge communications between our design and concept teams in France and Asia and our global network of manufacturing plants," said Fabrice Chevron, IT methods and end users manager at Chantelle Groupe. "We’ve completely transformed the way we work on content, and we've become much more collaborative and productive as a result."

"French companies in all sectors are moving away from restrictive, legacy architecture as they look for more agile and efficient environments for employees," said Jeremy Grinbaum, regional vice president for France and southern Europe at Box. "Chantelle Groupe is an excellent example of a French institution that has moved to Box to power collaboration and enable people to work in entirely new ways."

Chantelle Groupe, the French leader in lingerie, has more than 130 years of experience in fashion and design. The same passion and commitment the team has shown for delivering the finest products for more than a century is also evident in the IT team, which is now leading the charge in streamlining content access and collaboration across the global organization.

Chantelle Groupe has selected Box to:
  • Speed up the design to production cycle across multiple disparate teams;
  • Improve secure external sharing while protecting its intellectual property;
  • Empower a more mobile and collaborative workforce who can work anywhere and on any device.
Box makes it easy for more than 40 million users at more than 50,000 organisations around the world to share and collaborate. 
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