Charming Charlie Rolls Out Real-Time Merchandising Analytics

To deliver real-time merchandise and performance insights across the retail enterprise, charming charlie rolled out Manthan Retail ARC Merchandise Analytics. The application supports a "single version of the truth" across multiple business units, including merchandising, store operations, planning and finance.
"We knew it was time to adopt a solution to tie our various applications together in order to drive better business insights," said Jay Nayak, senior director of IT applications at charming charlie. "Our team was looking for an analytics package that was quick to implement and offered our stakeholders the ability to access a single version of the truth anytime and anywhere."
Prior to the Manthan rollout, the retailer depended on spreadsheets to combine disparate systems data for reporting purposes. This process required the availability of technical resources to perform labor-intensive data manipulation to deliver retail reporting. As a result, the retailer's IT team was performing data dumps to support numerous reports required across the business and consequently, reports did not reflect real-time data.
The ARC Merchandise Analytics solution ensures standardization and consistency across business reporting. This retail data model, combined with pre-built KPIs and dashboards, reduces implementation timeframes compared to traditional business intelligence packages.
"With Manthan's solution, members of our merchandising and operations teams can build their own dashboards and reporting views specific to their requirements without placing an IT request," said Nayak. "Individuals can slice and dice data, perform rollups and drill-downs, filter by attributes and interact with views to drive down to real-time insights on the fly. It's not a mere improvement to our previous reporting processes, it's a complete transformation in how we analyze data."
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