Charming Shoppes Launches Right Fit Technology

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Charming Shoppes Launches Right Fit Technology

Charming Shoppes has launched Right Fit technology which the company says will revolutionize the women's denim market by allowing female shoppers to instantly find the perfect jeans for their body types.

The fitting system is based on a woman's shape rather than her clothing size, resulting in a superior fit that, according to the company, hugs the body's natural curves in all the right places and puts an end to gapping waistbands and unflattering, over-tight jeans. 

To develop its system, the Right Fit research team conducted an extensive women's sizing study, scanning more than 14,000 female body types with an Intellifit fitting-room sized body scanning device, which electronically detects measurements and records more than 200,000 data points within 10 seconds using safe, low-power radio waves. 

The Right Fit research results have been translated into a three-color fitting system to make it quick and easy for women to select the perfect fit:
* Yellow = straight fit from the hips to the waist
* Red = moderately curved fit from the hips to the waist
* Blue = curvy fit, fullest at hips

Utilizing waist and hip measurements, the Right Fit measuring system has replaced the traditional 0-28 sizes used by clothing manufacturers, offering denim and pants in plus sizes 1 through 10 and misses sizes 0M through 11M. 

Right Fit denim and pant collections are available nationwide at Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Catherine€™s specialty stores. 

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