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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Chatbots.

An executive’s guide to new trends, consumer behavior, retail disruption, innovation, technology and the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.

Just because Alexa and other digital customer service representatives can field information requests, should they?

It’s hard to pick up an article on emerging technologies in the retail industry these days without reading something about Chatbots.  Over the last few years Chatbots have gone from a fun and entertaining exercise to a must have for companies.  Therefore it’s not surprising that a plethor

Target is moving to combat shopper hesitation of buying beauty products online. The retailer just rolled out an augmented reality experience and chat services for beauty products. Learn the details of Target's innovative new shopper experience.

Amazon has been moving from e-commerce into brick-and-mortar with several ventures. Their latest undertaking takes them into model homes.

As the name implies, the NRF Big Show is gigantic. It is impossible to see and hear it all in three short days. Check out RIS’ annual look at the key sessions, events and trends from this year’s show and catch up on what you might have missed.

Nordstrom just closed deals to acquire two digital retail technology companies. One will impact the retailer's new employee app rolling out this year. The other is a platform rooted in conversational commerce. Learn what this tech will do for Nordstrom's personalization strategy.

Voice technology is at the forefront of every retailer’s mind, but voice assistants are unforgiving when it comes to accuracy of results. The key to providing a seamless customer experience with voice technology is twofold.

Check out RIS’ annual look at the highlights and key trends from the NRF Big Show 2018. Relive the big moments and catch up on what you might have missed.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the retail industry. Its massive computing power and real-time insights are making their mark on every aspect of the enterprise. Read on and discover how leading retailers are leveraging the technology to become smarter, faster and more profitable.

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