The Children's Place Improves Size and Pack Optimization

Children’s specialty retailer The Children’s Place, Inc. has selected Quantum’s Q Analytics for Size and Pack Optimization, adding it to its implementation of Quantum’s Q for Allocation and Replenishment, and Q for Order Planning.
The Children’s Place gains the ability to optimize inventory and make smarter merchandising decisions with Q for Allocation and Replenishment, as it by provides insights into consumer demand for each SKU at every store. This results in less excess inventory, more full priced sales and better store service levels. Q for Order Planning is a demand-driven solution that provides order recommendations that balance profitability and service levels for retailers.
“The Children Place’s partnership with Quantum Retail represents our most recent commitment to leveraging highly innovative solutions to better manage the demands of the evolving retail landscape,” said Jason McAndrew, Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Marketing for the Children’s Place. “Quantum’s insights into customer demand will help us meet our inventory management objectives. Q gives us a granular view to future store level performance that we can integrate with our omnichannel strategies to ensure we are leveraging our inventory most optimally to meet the expectations of our customers. ”
The expected benefits are further enhanced with Q Analytics for Size and Pack. This software service calculates size profiles by item based on customer demand and then calculates the optimal store pack configuration of merchandise to help align the buying quantity and pack distribution with projected store need.
“Quantum is able to take existing data, push it through their analytics platform and give us decision level information that we can immediately use to improve our buying decisions,” added McAndrew. “The quality, speed and consistency Quantum brings us will add significant value to the business going forward.”
Q Analytics are a suite of SaaS (software as a service) solutions designed to leverage Quantum’s proprietary merchandise optimization platform to solve specific retail problems and address high value opportunities for retailers. 
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