Chinese Brand TEENMIX Crowdsources Next Shoe Designs

Recently, a video entitled WANNA TALK TO YOUR SHOES DESIGNER?, which was displayed on the billboard overlooking New York's Times Square, has drawn public attention. Would you like your shoes better if you could talk to your designer?

Chinese fashion brand TEENMIX solicited designs from shoe designers worldwide. Nine designs were shortlisted and the respective designers will talk directly to consumers. The creative advertisement, done in a casual and humorous style, directs viewers here in August to talk to shoe designers about the kind of footwear that they would like to see made. As a result, consumers, rather than the brand designers and brand buyers, will determine which models should be produced and launched, giving the actual wearer of the shoe more options.

From Aug. 1-25, the TEENMIX FUN-STYLE FOOTWEAR CROWDFUNDING PROJECT will be open for public input. The brand will offer 500 pairs of shoes for each new shoe style on that raises the necessary funds, and after raising sufficient funds, will purchase the raw materials and produce the shoes, while monitoring the inventory of the materials and the production, turning designs into reality and delivering the final product to consumers.

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