Christmas Tree Shops Enhancing Inventory Integrity & Loss Prevention

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Home goods retailer Christmas Tree Shops is taking steps to improve its inventory data integrity and loss prevention capabilities.

The retailer, which operates 80 stores in 20 U.S. states, has tapped Jesta I.S., a developer and provider of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. The company will leverage two solutions that are expected to improve transaction and inventory data integrity and accuracy, as well as gain insight into potentially fraudulent transactions.

Headquartered in Middleboro, MA, Christmas Tree Shops was sold by Bed Bath & Beyond to Handil Holdings last year. In researching new solutions, the retailer sought agile technology that provided visibility in near real time to identify, authenticate and correct point-of-sale data discrepancies.

Under Jesta’s Sales Audit technology, unfiltered sales data gets pushed through a rule-based validation engine, intended to ensure accuracy, compliance and control. Transaction discrepancies can be resolved before data is consumed, which the retailer expects to result in smoother data integration, more reliable reporting and increased product visibility accuracy.

Tapping into Jesta’s Loss Prevention application, meanwhile, will help it detect and reduce potential loss from theft, fraud and noncompliance, as the exception-based analytics both highlight abnormalities and alert Christmas Tree Shops to act.

“Ensuring data integrity before it enters our backend systems is a foundational component in the service of our business and our customers,” noted Jesse Napoli, Christmas Tree Shops CIO.  

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