CIMdata Reports on Meeting Challenges of Transitioning PLM Implementations

CIMdata, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and research firm released a new report entitled "Meeting the Challenges of Transitioning PLM Implementations."

Copies of the report are made available at no cost at

According to CIMdata, the review describes some key challenges faced by companies as they transition their PLM implementations through the series of version and enhancement releases provided by their PLM supplier.

As examples, CIMdata interviewed a number of long-term customers of Siemens PLM software to assess their approaches and experiences in addressing this issue.

Ed Miller, president of CIMdata, reported that, "In increasing numbers, businesses have committed themselves to transforming the way they operate in order to become more innovative, effective, and responsive to the markets they serve. In order to facilitate new processes, companies generally utilize information technologies as primary enablers."

PLM, Miller says, is among the most significant initiatives to be introduced to meet that end in the last several years.

IT-based initiatives offer significant opportunities to organizations, especially broad enterprise-focused ones like PLM, but they also bring their own set of issues, Miller said.

"A major issue that has challenged companies implementing PLM over the years has been the time, cost, and difficulty of evolving their PLM environment through the ongoing introduction of new versions of software that are provided to them by their PLM solution suppliers."

Miller added, "A common complaint from companies with PLM implementations has been that technology changes introduced by their PLM suppliers have often caused them difficulties as those newer technologies have been inconsistent (with their previous versions) in both architecture and application software, and thus not easily evolved within the company's IT environment."

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