Circa Corporation Upgrades Enterprise System with BlueCherry Suite

CGS recently announced that fashion belt and accessories designer and manufacturer Circa Corporation will replace its legacy software systems with the most latest version of the CGS BlueCherry Infinity business software solution.

Founded in 1967, San Fraancisco-Based Circa Corporation designs, manufactures men's, women's and children's belts and accessories for major retailers, specialty stores and boutiques. The company focuses on providing its customers with personalized design and development to suit their unique merchandising needs. As part of its business model, Circa combines U.S. manufacturing and distribution operations with partner factories overseas.

In the announcement, Circa, said it expects expects the software suite to enable it to achieve greater operational efficiencies and enhance collaboration across product development, manufacturing, sourcing, financial and customer service operations.

"In deciding to move away from our aging AS/400 business system, we wanted an integrated Windows-based solution that had the specific capabilities we need to improve the operational performance of our business," said Circa IT manager Hoang Nguyen. "After a thorough evaluation of both large and small system providers, we concluded that CGS and BlueCherry offered the best fit in terms of industry expertise, technology platform and overall integration."

According to Circa, the new software will enable it to gain the control and efficiencies of a fully integrated business solution while leveraging the latest fashion-specific advancements in financial management, product development, sourcing and manufacturing.

Circa said it anticipates that BlueCherry will increase its ability to control costs, communicate with vendors, speed new products to market, reduce chargebacks and increase customer satisfaction.

Implementation is scheduled to be completed in early 2010; according to CGS, the new system will provide product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management (through Microsoft Dynamics) and complete integration with Circa's deployment of the CGS Leadtec shop floor control system.

BlueCherry Infinity employs Microsoft database technology (Microsoft SQL Server 2008) and development framework (Microsoft .NET) in order to provide an Office-like user experience, according to CGS.

In addition to overall process and business planning improvements, Circa will leverage BlueCherry Infinity to enhance collaboration and management of bills of materials, bills of labor, costing, royalties, bulk orders and other critical brand and private label business activities.

"We are delighted to be selected by Circa for this important step forward in their business," said Paul Magel, senior vice president, CGS application solutions. "We look forward to working with them to modernize and better integrate their business systems, driving improved efficiencies and business processes."

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