Circuit City Makes a Come Back


Electronics retailer Circuit City, which closed its doors in 2009, has a new agenda. It will relaunch as an e-commerce retailer Feb. 15, CEO Ronny Shmoel said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Under new ownership, Circuit City will relaunch with a social-focused e-commerce site, along with various concepts of innovative retail stores and e-commerce technology offerings.

It also has plans to open kiosks, stores within other stores and eventually its own showrooms, consumer electronics website Twice reported. Shmoel said Circuit City's revamped website will include virtual vignettes, search by photo, augmented reality and real-time tech support via video chat, Twice said.

The company will also work with IBM Watson commerce, which incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and other new retail technologies to its web platform.

After evaluating other options, Circuit City selected IBM because of its aligned vision with AI and how this technology can ultimately transform how clients shop for electronics. The IBM web commerce platform will allow Circuit City to expand offerings for a personalized shopping experience and enhance the product discovery journey.

Circuit City has also selected IT service provider Skinny IT to be the consumer electronics retailer’s installation services provider.

Using Skinny IT’s new Services as a Merchandising SKU, or S.A.M.S., customers will have the option to have a field technician install their purchases for them. This post-purchase support will allow Circuit City to be a true full-service retailer for its customers.

“When we began determining how we wanted to structure the new Circuit City, we knew installation had to be part of our services to stand out among others,” said Shmoel. “Through this partnership with Skinny IT, we will now be able to provide that full-service turnkey option to consumers who need help in that final installation stage.”

Working as an extension of the Circuit City team, Skinny IT’s field certified technicians will ensure customers have the appropriate equipment, install and verify the technology is working properly, while consistently providing the highest level of customer service. In most cases, the technicians can offer same day or next day appointments regardless of location. Skinny IT will also ensure Circuit City customer service representatives are equipped to answer potential customer questions during the purchasing process of the installation option.

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