City Furniture Creates the Exact Experience Needed at Every Step of the Buyer Journey

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City Furniture Creates the Exact Experience Needed at Every Step of the Buyer Journey


City Furnitureone of the largest home furnishing and accent retailers in Florida, overhauled their approach to e-commerce, choosing to build their own headless platform that would integrate with modular partner solutions as needed.

To do this, they chose  Kibo's headless, microservices-based e-commerce offering because it offered a flexible technology that allowed the company to develop and support highly-customized customer journeys.

“Kibo offers us unlimited ecommerce possibilities," said Juan Lopez, director of Software Product Development at City Furniture. "Their modular, microservices-based structure fits with our own headless architecture so that we can create exactly what we need, from specific promotions and pricing to a fluid shopping-cart experience."

With high-value products sourced from well-known furniture and home brands, City Furniture needs to design product pages, marketing content, and promotions according to a broad set of requirements and insights. Brand partners have complex requirements across discounts, coupons and gift card offers that must be correctly accounted for without slowing down or confusing the customer journey. Similarly, shopping online for high-priced items means that financing and payment can become confusing if not executed well. Kibo empowers the City Furniture team to create the exact experience and messaging they need to at every step of the buyer journey, from product discovery to promotions and checkout.

City Furniture could select only the capabilities they needed, which simplifies integration and ongoing use. Kibo allows the furniture company to design much more detailed e-commerce elements, such as cart rules and promotions. than other offerings - creating custom bundled product offerings, discounts, and financing during checkout. Additionally, City Furniture was able to easily develop a UI that was effortless for their team to use on a daily basis, fitting easily with their existing processes.

“City Furniture represents the future of online retail, with a sophisticated headless approach to e-commerce. We’re excited that they selected Kibo technology to create frictionless commerce across the customer journey,” said Brian Wilson, COO at Kibo.