Cleo’s CIC Agent Providing More Visibility into Data Integration Processes

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Integration software provider Cleo has launched CIC Agent, a solution that lets enterprises securely connect and integrate to on-premise systems, while providing configuration and control in the cloud even when APIs do not exist.

Part of the company’s Integration Cloud platform for supply-chain integration processes, CIC Agent provides end-to-end integration visibility across companies’ processes, such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and load-tender-to-invoice. This in turn helps enable seamless and secure dataflows from ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground, so businesses can leverage their past infrastructure investments and respond to the market’s evolving demands.

Some integration solutions can’t create end-to-end integrations because of an inability to directly connect to on-premise applications or homegrown ERPs — forcing organizations to live with visibility gaps or to swivel between systems. This leads to files often dropped onto a server for a backend system to consume through a script, scheduler or manual process with no visibility about where the data was eventually consumed

Cleo’s CIC Agent helps complete the “last mile” of integration with a hybrid IT landscape with SaaS and on-premise applications, and by delivering visual confirmation that the data has reached its intended destination, said Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo.

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