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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Clienteling.

Urban Outfitters Increases Volume of Customer Transactions by 25% Through Virtual Customer Experiences

Urban Outfitters has successfully bolstered ongoing customer engagement and sales during COVID-19 through virtual customer experiences. Learn how.

Premium custom clothing retailer Knot Standard has introduced a fully-virtual showroom experience for new and existing customers. Learn how it's allowing the retailer to personalize the digital shopping experience.

Saks Fifth Avenue and lululemon have reimagined the retail experience in a year of upheaval. Marc Metrick, Saks CEO, and lululemon's Celeste Burgoyne share how they met immense challenges and the tech they are focusing on.

Connecting with and capturing the attention of customers amid a sea of shopping options is a near-impossible feat, but with clienteling technology and fresh customer data at their fingertips, retailers can set the standard for rewarding and memorable experiences.

To stand out in a vast sea of options, retailers are using clienteling technology to connect with consumers and deliver the personalized assistance that converts shoppers into repeat buyers — even if that encounter is now conducted at a distance.

What is the retail future state? And how can retailers best invest to ensure they are among the winners once the health crisis is safely in the rearview?

VIEW ON-DEMAND!   Connecting with and capturing the attention of shoppers amid a sea of shopping options is a near-impossible feat.

The 5th Annual Grocery Tech Trends Study explores the changing market and benchmarks 68 individual technologies for industry maturity and investment plans.

While AI and machine learning (ML) offer retailers great leaps toward offering exceptional customer experiences, customer data lies at the heart of these operations, and protecting that data will be key as retailers implement automation and personalization strategies.

New Vitamin Shoppe Store Format

​​​​​​​Change agents Sharon Leite, CEO, and Andy Laudato, COO, of the Vitamin Shoppe offer an inside look at how the 750-store retailer transformed its business model and reinvented its stores.

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