Coalision's Merger with Pull-in to Help Bring in $110 Million in 2012 Sales

Coalision, the Canadian lifestyle and sports apparel company, announced a merger with French underwear company, Pull-in. With this merger, Coalision will achieve $110 million in sales for this year, positioning the company as a major international player. The company is also making important leadership announcements in Europe, North America and Latin America as part of this expansion.

Pull-in, the fashion underwear brand, will join the current roster of brands under Coalision, including Lole, Orage and Paradox. The Action Sport division of Coalision is now comprised of Pull-in and Orage, while the Well-Being division includes Lole and Paradox.

"Today marks a significant milestone for Coalision for several reasons," says Bernard Mariette, president and CEO of Coalision. "Our company is strengthened in terms of brand presence, geographic synergies and its management team – all for the benefit of our customers."

For Pull-in, the merger is a strategic move in the brand's international development. "It's an honor to officially be a part of the Coalision team – our brands are complementary with obvious strengths in each of our markets," says Pull-in owner Emmanuel Loheac. "Personally, I have wanted to work with Bernard since I left DC Shoes, and today I am re-joining both a friend and a mentor."

Notwithstanding the expansion of Coalision through this merger, the Lole brand has doubled in sales worldwide in the past two years alone. Coalision is now well-poised with its diverse brand portfolio for continued growth on an international scale.

Management announcements
After one year as the leader of Lole Europe, Isabelle Mille is promoted to the new role of vice president, retail and marketing, based in Montreal, and will oversee the development of the Lole brand. She will focus on the growth of the retail platform and linkage with the strong lifestyle component of the brand.

Following Mille's appointment, Pierre-Louis Lacoste has been promoted to the position of vice president, Lole Europe. Having served as web and corporate director since 2011, Mr. Lacoste succeeded in revamping the Internet platform of Lole and increasing the sales and visibility of the brand online.

With the appointment of Mille and Lacoste in their new positions, Lole will continue to establish itself as a leader in both the European and North American territories, with licensing being finalized for Latin America.
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