Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Recruiting Cloud

Cornerstone OnDemand announced the release of the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, making the company a solely cloud provider of end-to-end talent management solutions. The Recruiting Cloud is fully integrated with Cornerstone's existing learning and talent management software suite. The solution provides clients with faster deployments, greater flexibility to adapt and change the application without cost or risk, and a seamless user experience across all Cornerstone applications.
"Most recruiting solutions in the market today were built for the way people recruited a decade ago, before the rise of social networks," said Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. "Today, most organizations want to leverage the power of social recruiting, and our solution was built to be natively social."
The Recruiting Cloud capitalized upon Cornerstone's global ecosystem of strategic alliances to extend the solution's capabilities, including resume parsing, job posting and distribution, and background screening. In addition, the Recruiting Cloud leverages Facebook's social graph and LinkedIn recruiting services' "Apply with LinkedIn" capabilities, as well as digital interviewing with HireVue.
"Our clients had asked us to extend our solution to support their sourcing and selection efforts, and we responded with the development of our Recruiting Cloud over the last couple of years," added Miller. "With the market disruption caused by the recent consolidation in the talent management space, we believe the timing of our Recruiting Cloud launch couldn't be better."

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