Crocs Shoppers Using New ShoeFinder Feature Generate 50 Percent More Rev Per Visit

Sometimes success can present its own problems.

That was the case for Crocs, which, based on research, discovered that many consumers weren't aware that its product line actually extends far beyond the signature clog style and includes different shoe styles such as boots, flats and heels for women, men and children.

To help draw awareness to the rest of its offerings online, Crocs tapped digital shopping innovator and software solutions provider Fluid, Inc. to come up with a user-friendly ShoeFinder for the Crocs digital shopping experience. Since launching the ShoeFinder, Crocs has found a 50 percent increase in revenue per visit for those users who engage ShoeFinder versus visitors who don't.

Fluid conducted a landscape analysis of all types of product finders across several verticals and designed a finder that 1) allowed for finding products online easier and in an engaging way, and 2) ensured it wasn't a boring, standard filtering experience. It had to be fun and quirky - just like the Crocs brand.

The research, paired with creative brainstorming around design, led to an interactive visual solution that clearly portrays the wide range of Crocs styles while quickly helping customers get to the perfect Croc for them based on activity, style, material and fit. It's an experimental process balanced with intuitive, familiar design elements.

Incorporating design elements, such as silhouettes and color ranges, also helps to make the user experience more visual and exposes the customer to the wide range of color and style options from the start.

Because the ShoeFinder is a visual merchandising tool that doesn't rely on words that are hard to translate or localize, Crocs was also able to bring the solution to its global portfolio of sites including sites in Korea, Japan and Australia.

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