Curbside's Pickup Pod Supercharges Mobile Shopping with One-Stop Pick Up

Curbside, a mobile app that allows customers to shop multiple retailers from one location, unveiled the first ever Curbside Pickup Pod at the Glendale Galleria mall in Southern California. Curbside users can now shop the app and pick up their orders from one central location right at the mall's curb.
The Curbside service is free, the app is free, and the company does not markup store prices. It was designed for the mall-goer sick of battling the parking wars, finding items on store shelves and waiting in never-ending checkout lines.
"We’re thrilled to now be live at the Glendale and the 10 Target stores we launched in New York/New Jersey," Curbside co-founder and CEO Jaron Waldman said. "We’re planning to roll out to more U.S. markets and partner with new retailers later this year and throughout 2016.”
The company expanded its service to the New York/New Jersey in August after launching in the San Francisco Bay Area last fall, and is now coming to L.A., starting with the Glendale Galleria.
“Our goal is to provide our shoppers ease and flexibility when purchasing merchandise at Glendale Galleria." said Christina Riojas, marketing manager, Glendale Galleria. “Curbside is a unique service that offers a convenient solution and is a ‘win win’ for the retailer and the shopper. We’ll continue to explore and test omnichannel opportunities to elevate the amenities and services we offer at Glendale Galleria.”
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