Customer-Centric Solution from SAP Provides Retailers Customer Insight

To help retailers better understand and act on consumer behavior in the changing retail marketplace, SAP has launched its SAP Customer Activity Repository application, a retail data repository powered by SAP HANA platform. The application will support retailers in becoming more customer-centric by bringing together customer, sales and inventory information from siloed applications. A unified view of the customer will help retailers drive consistent experiences across all channels and improve business efficiencies, profitability and brand perception.
Shoppers are demanding more choice and richer content at all times, on any device. To meet demands, retailers must deliver more personalized content, faster and across all channels. SAP Customer Activity Repository will empower retailers with consumer insights by consolidating customer interactions from stores, online and mobile channels with insight from social media feedback such as Twitter or Facebook posts. The information acts as the basis for a "single source of truth" to help retailers optimize branding, marketing, promotions, pricing, merchandising and inventory management processes.
SAP HANA helps businesses to make better decisions through real-time analysis and reporting combined with dramatically accelerated business processes. As the backbone of SAP Customer Activity Repository, it is intended to deliver insight at a user-determined level of detail, helping eliminate the time needed to handle multiple data transactions in the POS transaction log, other sales channels and reporting systems.
"To present our brand to a growing base of digital natives and active sports enthusiasts, providing information right now is a key differentiator," said Stephen McDonnold, CIO for PGA Tour Superstore. "Utilizing SAP Customer Activity Repository and SAP HANA will allow us to provide instantaneous inventory availability, targeted promotions and cross-channel fulfillment to our on-the-go consumers."
The Customer Activity Repository will help retailers establish the foundational data that can be used to better understand customer data and predict future buying behavior. Features such as real-time visibility into consumer sales data down to the transaction level enable retailers to better understand what, when and where customers will make purchases. One consolidated data pool for all customer transactions across channels will support ease-of-use and accessibility to the right information.

SAP plans to design better access to inventory levels, predictive models and analytics in the application for improved operational management. The Customer Activity Repository is planned for general availability for the first quarter of 2014.
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