The Customer Channel Webinar Series

Increase Customer Trust/Personalization


Today’s digitally mature customers want retailers to know them personally and deliver targeted experiences and promotions that meet their unique needs. Customer data is the key to creating this level of hyper-personalization. Join this Webinar to learn how the digital maturation of consumers has resulted in unprecedented access to data “digital diamonds,” and discover how your retail business can “mine” them for insights that lead to hyper-personalized experiences and promotions.

Gain a Single View of Business


As the need for digital transformation accelerates, it can feel like there’s a long and daunting list of topics to consider. First on that list is understanding your business through a single lens – and doing so starts with master data. Does your retail business have a solid grasp on everything from supplier costs to customer orders? Tune in to this session to explore why master data is the lifeblood of business, and find out how marrying your data sources together can improve operational efficiency and grow customer loyalty.

Transform Beyond Omnichannel Retailing – The Pursuit of Hyper-Personalization


The convergence of powerful technologies, digitally mature customers, and expanding data sources has made delivering hyper-personalized, scalable engagements with customers a must. But if you’re struggling to bridge the gap between the kinds of experiences your customers want and what your business can actually deliver, you’re not alone. Join this Webinar to explore the concept of customer adaptive retailing and discover how it can help you transform personalized omnichannel experiences into adaptive and predictive experiences – at every customer touchpoint


David Gruehn - Sr. Customer Experience Solution Director - Retail, SAP 
Randy Evins - Industry Advisor, SAP Industry Advisory: Food Retail

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