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Customer Engagement

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about customer engagement, including a look at the in store experience, customer experience, customer service, personalization in retail, loyalty programs, and more.

Walgreens Adding 15 New Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Sites on Heels of Sales Surge

Walgreens is ramping up drive-thru COVID-19 testing in its parking lots. Find out what the roll out plans are, as well as how Walgreens did in its latest quarter.

Data & Analytics: Gaining a Pulse on Today’s Spontaneous Shopper

Given the level of spontaneity of consumers, and the overwhelming amount of choice, retailers need to capture the pulse of shoppers and stay ahead of consumers’ thinking.

Many of Walmart’s stores will soon feature a new way for its customers to treat their hearing loss.

Until COVID-19, retailers viewed disruption through an industry-focused lens of competitive threat and shifting buyer behavior. But there are learnings from this crisis to help shape strategies for surviving a new normal.

Walmart and Target are starting to limit foot traffic inside their stores in order to promote social distancing. Find out how the two retail giants will control shopper flow and protect associates.

Grocery retailer Publix has rolled out contactless pay to all its stores to protect the health of its customers and associates during the coronavirus pandemic. Get the details.

The urgent question among retailers today is, who’s doing it right? Fortunately, best practices for responding to the pandemic are emerging. Here’s a smart, targeted list.

Despite operating in a supremely uncertain environment, Levi’s anticipates the strength of its brand coupled with its digital investments will carry it through the coronavirus health crisis.

The power of e-commerce has taken on an unprecedented urgency, its necessity forced by the coronavirus global health crisis.

Celerant Technology has teamed with SCOPE CLX, a business analytics program for the shooting sports industry, in the name of consumer insight.

Kohl's is part of the growing trend of retailers offering contactless transactions to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

While retailers face a myriad of challenges brought on by the coronavirus, many are also wondering, “how can I help?” RIS takes a look at how Starbucks, True Value Company, and Ashley HomeStore are finding ways to lend a hand.

Lululemon is re-focusing on its digital efforts as its stores in North America and Europe remain closed due to the coronavirus since mid-march. Find out how the retailer is turning to its RFID tech and a ship-from-store model for fulfillment, while using online classes to engage customers.

Knowing who you are, what makes you different, and how to create meaningful, frictionless experiences are key to surviving — and thriving — in a crowded marketplace. 

There are two big questions in retail today: What can we do now and how can we plan for the future? Here are answers provided by experts in a follow up blog that incorporates insider feedback.

There is no playbook for this. Food retailers are having to think fast to come up with protective measures for both their staff and their customers facing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19). From the crafty to the technical, RIS is seeing grocers rise to the challenge.

Joann is opening its doors for consumers who want to help make such in-demand medical items as protective masks, covers and medical gowns.

The company has expanded its buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) service with a curbside option as a response to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

An altered landscape will emerge for both consumers and retailers after Covid-19 passes. Here’s a look at some long-lasting effects to plan for.

The Volumental Engage marketing personalization platform helps retailers leverage this type of data by building e-commerce experiences, promotional marketing content, retargeting and loyalty programs.

A look at how the retail industry is coping with COVID-19, from the macro to the micro level. Find out what Costco, Instacart, Trader Joe’s and more are doing to meet the rapidly-evolving situation.

While the retailer is still delivering major appliances, it will leave them at consumers' doorsteps.

As retailers decide whether a Windows- or Android-based POS ecosystem is the right fit for their future goals, they should base their decision on these key considerations.

The retailer is adjusting its plans to account for the changes the coronavirus has wrought on its retail operations.

Lowe’s website is still “under construction,” CEO Marvin Ellison said, but the home improvement retailer expects to gain a sales boost this year as the e-commerce work is completed, and will also roll out its new POS system to improve the customer and associate experience. Get the details.

Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS are partnering with each other and with the government to assist with adding drive-through COVID-19 testing sites on their store properties. Get the details.

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