CVS Launches Online Drug Info Center

CVS/pharmacy has added a new section to its e-commerce site where consumers can find detailed information about prescription and non-prescription drugs. The online Drug Information Center offers a suite of tools on to provide customers with an unprecedented set of health resources.
The Drug Information Center provides users with a variety of tools, including:
  • Enhanced Drug Information: Allows users to search for easy-to-understand information on thousands of drugs to help them make better health decisions and have more informed consultations with their caregivers, pharmacist or physicians.
  • Access to Drug Details: Users can view details on side effect occurrence rates and patient usage statistics that were previously not readily available to consumers.
  • Drug Interaction Checker: Similar to the Drug Interaction Checker added to the CVS mobile app, the interaction checker features a personalized checker, tailored to the supplements that users are taking.
  • Printable Medicine List: Users can combine prescription and non-prescription health information into one personalized printable lit that folds into a card-size they can store in a wallet, encouraging better communication between patient and healthcare provider.
These features create a seamless pharmacy and healthcare experience for CVS customers. The retailer continues to enhance its website and Drug Information Center, offering a variety of exciting new features that take the digital drugstore to the next level.
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