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Data Warehousing

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Data Warehousing.

Prioritizing Amid a Sea of Data: Victories & Roadblocks Behind Today’s Analytic Investments

Data is the new oil and analytics is the refinery — this timeworn phrase continues to hold water, but it’s next-gen analytics taking the driver’s seat in today’s retail industry. We dive into the Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study 2020 to put even more context behind the numbers.

Cleo’s CIC Agent Providing More Visibility into Data Integration Processes

Cleo's CIC Agent lets enterprises securely connect and integrate to on-premise systems, while providing configuration and control in the cloud even when APIs do not exist.

At Teradata Universe the big data and analytics leader announced its flagship solution, Teradata Vantage, will soon be coming to Google Cloud. The partnership expands Teradata’s cloud reach to all three leading public cloud companies, offering its customers greater flexibility.

At first, Donald Trump seemed the obvious choice to represent the retail industry in the White House, because he sells his own offshore-made products. But the more I thought about it the more I realized Hillary Clinton has good retail tech strengths, too, such as mad e-mail skills that few people knew she possessed. So, here are some criteria to consider when voting in November about who to select to represent retail in the White House for the next four years, god help us.

As a retail leader, you, perhaps better than any of your peers across industries, understand the competitive advantage brands can gain from recognizing and embracing trends early while minimizing planning and operational risks to the business.

Big companies with big portfolios require big goals. SAP, for example, has adopted at least three big goals: 1. "Simplicity" in business processes and technology, 2. Becoming "the cloud company," and 3. Developing a database model that runs with zero latency and zero aggregation. It has taken the ultimate step of actually adopting the technologies it advocates to run its own organization. All this and more from Sapphire Now 2014.

What do you get when you execute a kick-butt project that helps drive your company to category leadership, delivers high-performance business results, and pushes the envelope of technology innovation? Hopefully, more than just a hearty pat on the back. Four retailers were honored with 2011 Fusion Awards for kicking butt in cross-channel operations that successfully fused business strategies with outstanding IT execution. Here is a look at the winners and also highlights from the just completed Cross-Channel Retail Executive Summit.

What happens when one of your best customers reaches gold status in your loyalty program? Does your analytics engine recognize the milestone, automatically push a coupon to her preferred channel, and automatically enter her into your Facebook gold community? It could and should. Here’s what you need to know to rev up your customer analytics engine for all-channel commerce.

The time is right for retailers to tear down internal silos and the reason is simple: they have become barriers to agility and advancement. I am reminded of the message delivered by President Reagan at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate during the Cold War: “Mr. Gorbachev: Tear down this wall!” The walls in retail are tech stacks, multi-channel infrastructure and functional silos. The message in each case is the same: time to tear them down.

Have you seen the newest capabilities in customer analytics? Learn how to develop actionable points of view instead of just analyzing data points.

It’s time for retailers to reevaluate the analytics behind KVIs. 

 Download this Technology Solutions Guide to uncover the latest in omnichannel fulfillment technology and its future.

Staples Inc. is on track to close at least 50 stores this year and set its focus on winning in the mid-market in North America--business customers with 10 to 200 employees.

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