Datacolor Offers Color Assurance with Introduction of Guardian

Datacolor has introduced Guardian, which it says is the next generation instrument monitoring technology and unique predictive maintenance program for Datacolor's high-end spectrophotometers.
Datacolor's Guardian conducts periodic diagnostic instrument testing through a process of measuring reference grade High Chroma Tiles. The process takes just minutes to perform, as the data is collected and automatically transmitted to a Datacolor server.
The data is then reviewed by a staff of specially trained Datacolor Instrument Experts who can detect subtle trends that may adversely affect instrument performance. If warranted, the Expert will advise if service is required to avoid a future instrument failure, thereby avoiding downtime, or worse, production of material that is out of spec.
Using what it calls Guardian's unique predictive maintenance, Datacolor says this approach anticipates possible failures and allows Datacolor users to implement proactive service before an instrument color drift adversely affects production.
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