Datalogic's Newest Scanner Offers Anti-Counterfeit Detection Capabilities

Datalogic Scanning unveils the Gryphon GM4100 I Base Station which offers anti-counterfeit detection capabilities. This feature provides the capability to detect counterfeit money and verify ID document authenticity and is available for both the 433 MHz and 910 MHz models of the Gryphon I GM4100 reader.

UV Counterfeit Detection is integrated into the base station through the presence of eight special UV LEDs. These lights offer the user the ability to check for embedded markings found on money and ID documents such as passports, driver's licenses and national ID cards through the use of UV fluorescent technology. The operator simply holds the item being verified under the LED lights to check for the presence of the markings.

Features include:
- The Gryphon BC4010 anti-counterfeit base is available for both the 433MHz and 910MHz Gryphon I GM4100 models.

-LED UV lights are manually powered by a button, and the duration of emission is determined by the operator.

-LED UV lights enable the operator to verify fluorescent markings on money, ID documentation, event tickets, and other documents were authentication is needed.

-Increase ROI by detecting counterfeit payment methods.

-No extra counter space needed for the implementation of this product with the GM4100 reader.

-Shares the same cables, power supplies, stands and holders used for the standard Gryphon GM4100 readers.

-Gryphon GM4100 reader supplies fast speed to read, optional 3key keypad, batch mode capability, drop resistance of 1.8m/5.9 ft.
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