Is the Demand for Data Scientists Hype or Real?

Demand for data scientists is booming and with good reason. As the amount of data collected by retailers continues to grow exponentially organizations are in need of workers able to analyze and discover valuable insight amongst the numbers. Despite the obvious need for data scientists much mystery still surrounds this newly-emerging position.

At the Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit, Jan Gollins, adjunct professor, advanced analytics at Loyola University, DePaul University, and The University of Chicago; and Linda Burtch, executive recruiter, Burtch Works Executive Recruiting will explore the growing demand for data scientists. The session will answer the burning questions surrounding this hot new area, including the most burning of all: Is the demand for data scientists a hot trend that will soon fade or is it real? The session will also examine the impact this boom is having on retailers' ability to recruit and build a strong analytics team.

Gollins is a marketing science executive with international experience in all aspects of syndicated and custom research. He focuses on applying behavioral analytics to gain knowledge and consumer insights that lead to corporate revenue growth. Burtch is an executive recruiter who specializes in the quantitative business sciences including marketing science, database analytics, credit/risk analytics, market research and data science. Her firm has published a first-of-their-kind salary studies for big data, data science and marketing research.

The 2015 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit will be held April 29-May 1 at The Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. The conference will feature keynotes from retail and consumer goods leaders, peer-to-peer exchanges, networking opportunities and relationship building. For more information, to view the full agenda, or to register for the event click here.
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