From Demand to Delivery: Harnessing AI in the Retail Supply Chain


Date: May 26th at 2 PM ET/11 AM Pacific Time

Consumers’ need for speed has changed fulfillment forever. With inventory flying in and out of stores and warehouses, retailers need to tap new technologies to manage orders, stock and demand.

So how can artificial intelligence (AI) help power the modern retail supply chain? RIS’ special report “AI's Critical Role in Powering the Retail Supply Chain” explores this question and dives into why data is a critical component and how technology is reshaping the supply chain from demand to delivery. In this live webinar, industry thought leaders will discuss the findings of the report, as well as retail use cases for AI and machine learning (ML) investments.

Join in this live Q&A to learn more about:

  • Demand planning’s role in supply chain success, including forecasting and sustainability.
  • Real-time inventory management and workforce solutions to meet today’s needs.
  • Offering the omni-fulfillment options consumers seek to capture shopper loyalty.


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