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On-Demand: How Albertsons Meets (and Exceeds) Evolving Customer Expectations

Watch a live discussion with Albertsons, Vertex, and RIS as we lead an insightful and expansive discussion into the 33rd Annual Retail Technology Study, outlining some of the real-world applications to financial processes and the trends shared in the report.

We discuss:

  •  How the evolution of digital technology, including the tax calculation process, can help improve the customer experience.
  • Business reasons to implement a tax solution, the challenges it mitigates, and how innovative technology makes it possible.
  • The positive impact quality data collection and data management can have on tax calculation.
  • The benefits of composable architecture - How transforming legacy systems maximize capabilities by implementing tools to do what they do best.
  • Impactful changes your company can make to move towards a better, frictionless experience.

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