Demand Management Adds BI to DSX Supply Chain Platform

Demand Management Inc. has added a business intelligence (BI) functionality within its Demand Solutions DSX platform. The solution now incorporates native BI into its data tables to let users mine and share data efficiently across the supply chain.

"A common complaint among supply chain planners is that the most useful data lives in spreadsheets scattered across the business," says Bill Harrison, president of Demand Management. "We've created a multidimensional cube that lets all stakeholders extract data from systems throughout the supply chain and work with that data through an intuitive web-based front end. By deciding which information they want to see and developing a meaningful view of it, users can learn more about their own businesses and make decisions that incorporate this knowledge."

The BI functionality within Demand Solutions DSX is delivered by way of Foundation Analytical Packs that are available for the apparel, consumer packaged goods, energy, food and beverage, wholesale distribution, pharmaceutical and biotech, and general manufacturing and service parts industries. Users can leverage the best practices built into these packs to get their analytics activities up and running, but can also configure the packs over time to reflect the needs of their individual businesses.

"Our Foundation Analytical Packs are designed to save companies time and money," says Harrison. "They incorporate Demand Management's many years of experience working with customers in each of seven different vertical markets. We've done all the hard work of building the reports and linking them to our database so that customers can spend more time analyzing their results and taking decisive action."

In particular, Harrison hopes supply chain planners who are frustrated at having to build their own reports will investigate Demand Management's new functionality. These features can eliminate the need for planners to write reports.

"You shouldn't have to implement your own analytics tools around your supply chain planning solution," Harrison adds. "Our BI functionality relieves this burden by providing complete drill-down capabilities from summary information into potential issues and opportunities. Ask us how it can help you extend your supply chain planning beyond the ‘how, when, and where' stage and into running your entire business more effectively."
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