DemandTec Debuts Lifecycle Pricing for Softlines

DemandTec, Inc., the collaborative optimization network for retailers and consumer products companies, debuted its advanced merchandising and marketing solutions for retailers selling apparel, footwear, and short lifecycle merchandise.
"Like never before, retailers can apply advanced analytics and shopper insights to their short lifecycle merchandise," says Renaud Houri, vice president and general manager EMEA at DemandTec. "Lifecycle Pricing for Softlines uses the most advanced science available, allowing for deeper intelligence on volatile merchandise, and providing a multi-dimensional forecast to better support shopper-centricity at store and item levels."
DemandTec now offers three solutions particularly suited for softlines retailers:
  - DemandTec Lifecycle Price Optimization - The premier solution in
the industry for leveraging consumer demand when making pricing
decisions across a product's lifecycle. A new software service,
Lifecycle Pricing for Softlines, complements Everyday Price
Optimization, Markdown Optimization, and Promotion Optimization, the
existing software services used by and built for retailers to price
their fast moving consumer goods.

- DemandTec End-to-End Promotion Management - A complete solution
which enables softlines retailers to effectively plan and execute
highly versioned advertisements across media channels. Merchants and
planners can manage the entire promotions process, from collaborative
promotion planning to event development, in-store execution and
post-event analysis.

- DemandTec Shopper Insights - An advanced solution giving retailers
clear visibility into behavior at the shopper and segment levels in
order to help merchants make better product decisions that drive
increased penetration and buy rate across the entire store.

Three additional DemandTec services now bolster these solutions:

- Rebuy Optimization - Identifies optimal item quantities in
each store to rebuy for volatile merchandise by providing
recommendations at the SKU level. The software service uses pattern
recognition technology to provide recommendations for stores that did
not previously own an item, accurately projecting demand for new stores
that are patterned after stores with sales history.

- Size Profiling and Pack Optimization - Optimizes store-level size
distribution based on shopper demand and determines optimal pre-pack
configurations to meet size demand by store.

- Store Cluster Analysis - Uses advanced analysis to identify store
clusters and the relationships between variables among the clusters.
The service also defines the lowest number of store clusters which
reflect true drivers of demand to capture real business value for
increasing profitability and reducing markdowns.

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