Dematic Unveils This New Warehouse Technology

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Dematic Unveils This New Warehouse Technology

Dematic, a global supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, has introduced Dematic Multishuttle Flex, an automated inventory staging buffer that is designed to accommodate cartons and totes. The Multishuttle Flex incorporates a flexible load handling device, enabling high performance storage and retrieval of variable load sizes and formats, without the use of trays. The load handling device "flexes" to adjust to the dimensions of the load to be handled and accommodates carton/tote sizes of varying lengths and widths. Configurations are tailored to fit existing building layouts while optimizing density and minimizing floor space.

For applications that need to accommodate a variety of load sizes in a compact, high density, controlled access environment, the Multishuttle Flex is the ideal solution. Users that implement this solution experience improved inventory/order accuracy, higher throughput rates, reduced order processing time, along with increased operational productivity and efficiency. Multishuttle Flex is utilized in multiple market sectors: grocery, food/beverage, general merchandise retailers, and B2B industrial distributors.

The Dematic Multishuttle Flex is designed to support multi-deep load buffering with discrete access to any load in the automated system. Dematic iQ software uses load location management strategies to optimize the storage, retrieval and movement of each load. Furthermore, the software releases each load in a precise sequence according to the business rules of the application.

According to Ken Ruehrdanz, "The Dematic Multishuttle serves as a staging and sequencing engine to support many warehouse and production applications such as: goods to the person picking, pick face replenishment, kitting, order consolidation, mixed case palletizing and work-in-process storage." The system consists of multiple levels of racking, shuttles, and software. A load handling device on each shuttle accesses the loads in the rack.
Since there is a shuttle captive in each aisle, on each level, ultra-high throughput can be achieved. Load sequencing occurs as loads are retrieved in the order required for the order fulfillment function.

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