Denim Repair Breathes New Life Into Your Favorite Jeans

It is a fashion fact that people have an emotional attachment to their jeans. Whether they are the brand new "Saturday night" denims or the worn-in dungarees from college, each pair is woven into your own personal history.

Created out of a necessity that people hate to part with one of their most prized possessions, was born.

Founder Eric Goldstein from Jean Shop NYC has been designing, manufacturing and repairing jeans for more than 30 years for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Ralph Lauren and GAP. Eric has taken his blueprints of the industry and developed his latest project with co-founder and wife, Jill Goldstein.

Unlike the local dry cleaner that sews on patches when repairing jeans, Denim Repair uses an eco-friendly. vintage darning machine that reweaves the fabric for an enjoyable fit and feel. This web-based service does not stop at holes; they also are masters in tapering, hemming, pocket repairs and zipper fixes. Getting your favorite Calvin Kleins refurbished has never been so easy.

With this kind of geniosity, it's no wonder that Ralph Lauren himself took Eric under his wing upon graduation from Philadelphia University in 1988. Goldstein was brought in as one of the original four employees to start Ralph Lauren RRL, and his patented finishing technique was used for years after. In 1992, Eric was recruited by Mickey Drexler at GAP to create what is now known as the 1969 brand for the company's 30th anniversary.

These experiences led Eric to partner with the founders of Lucky Brand to create the company's own denim lifestyle brand, Jean Shop NYC. He also runs Indigo Expert, a consulting agency which assists top denim and leather brands on their quest for stellar design, product development, production, retail or merchandising.

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