In Dhaka, Lectra and H&M Discuss Challenges of Supply Chain Collaboration

Lectra recently held a seminar for Bangladesh suppliers of fashion retail chain H&M in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Organized in partnership with H&M and Lectra agent Aamra Resources, the two-day event addressed today's trends and market challenges, putting special emphasis on the importance of working collaboratively across the supply chain. Lectra experts demonstrated how synchronizing technology and process between brands and manufacturers can ensure a long-term, sustainable working relationship that is more efficient and profitable for both.

More than 100 people from 51 different companies attended the seminar, which was held at the fashion retailer's Dhaka headquarters. Members of the H&M production team were also on hand to lend their support. The goal was to provide local industry players with insight into the challenges and priorities of a global retailer like H&M, whose production outsourcing to Bangladesh has steadily increased in recent years. This put attendees in a better position to make strategic business decisions that strengthen their position as a preferred supplier for the fashion retail chain over the long term.

H&M's decision to upgrade to the latest version of Lectra's product development solution Modaris® across its worldwide install base was the main catalyst for the event. Lectra experts walked seminar participants through different scenarios that demonstrated the advantages of supporting product-development processes with technology that is aligned between retailers and suppliers.

"When retailers and suppliers use different technology, or even different versions of the same technology, the potential for information loss increases every time data is transferred from one party to another," explains Judy Gnaedig, strategic account manager, Lectra. "Working on the same technology not only improves productivity by eliminating redundant tasks, it also ensures that data remains intact and accurate throughout the product development process. This protects product quality and fit, which is a tremendous competitive advantage."

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