Digitizing the Enterprise

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Digitizing the Enterprise

By Nicole Giannopoulos - 01/05/2015
As a retailer today, if you haven’t gone digital, you’re a step behind the competition. For E-Plus Gruppe, a German telecommunications retailer with more than 400 stores and 25 million customers, the goal has always been simple: provide mobile telecommunications to everyone. To achieve this, the retailer decided to move the company into a mobile app, which would streamline, digitize, and simplify processes, as well as create a superior overall customer experience.

“There has been a growing importance to develop our online influence and online share,” says E-Plus Gruppe director of digital transformation Volker Glaeser. “E-Plus Gruppe always had online, but we needed to expand our capabilities to create an online destination.”

To merge its digital and physical stores, E-Plus Gruppe is leveraging OneView Commerce’s mobile commerce framework. The solution was selected with the assistance of the retailer’s digital consultancy group, dgroup. Together, the teams developed a cross-channel approach from strategy, to pilot, to go live, in just three months.

The key drivers for the cross-channel initiatives are to increase store traffic via buy online ship-to-store, order at the point-of-sale, and return at the point-of-sale. This enables direct interaction between associates and customers who would otherwise not be drawn to the store, which creates the opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, and increase conversion.

Digital Boundaries Expand
The customer’s cross-channel experience begins online and continues across channels via store-based, cross-channel functionality to the tablet device. The OneView solution provides associates with a historical view of all customer activities, including online and in-store orders, purchases, and returns.

The next phase of the deployment will include mobile payments, which will enable customers to leverage the endless aisle by order online and pay in store. In addition, E-Plus will focus on appointment scheduling where customers select products to review with associates via buy online pickup in-store or reserve online pickup in-store.

“Our goal is to leverage the tools that align us with mobile, online and in-store customers, so that we keep pace with our customers, instead of having to catch up to customer demand,” says Glaeser.

Streamlined Processes
Customer response to the pilot was well received, according to Glaeser, “The first pilot store received a number of calls from customers in a day asking when these new services would be available in nearby stores.”

OneView Commerce’s mobile development framework combined with the retailer’s commerce platform allows the retailer to remove the technical and process-based silos that exist between online and in-store. With this, the retailer drives a single view of customers, products, pricing, and promotions that delivers one consistent experience for customers across all channels.