Discover the Trends Emerging in the Billion-Dollar Athleisure Market

EDITED, the real-time data source for brands and retailers, has shared the latest trends in the billion-dollar athleisure and activewear market as it launches the first software feature to help companies capitalize on this opportunity.

Demand and sales in activewear continue to skyrocket globally, as more non-specialty retailers and premium brands launch activewear labels and compete aggressively with other retailers. EDITED's new "Sports and Active" feature is the only software available dedicated to on-demand activewear product and pricing insights.

Ahead of the busy holiday shopping season and New Year's resolutions focused on exercise and healthy living, EDITED has identified the top women's activewear trends from reviewing data from the past two years, analyzing more than 1,700 brands and retailers stocking more than 40,000 activewear and sportswear products in the United States. These include:  

Major sportswear brands are still at the top of the list. In the past three months to the same period in 2015, the top five most-stocked brands - from first to fifth respectively - are Nike (82 percent), Under Armour (53 percent), Adidas (100 percent), New Balance (244 percent), and The North Face (40 percent). Two of the five most-stocked brands have experienced triple-digit growth.

Non-traditional brands are fast emerging in activewear. From Q2 2014 to Q2 2016, the amount of sportswear stocked at non-traditional retailers has increased 87 percent.

Brands including Zara and H&M also launched athleisure lines in 2016, with the average price of an item costing $28.60 and $22.80 respectively.

Jeans are making a comeback. The U.S. retailers evaluated in EDITED's study increased their denim jeans offerings by 30 percent, and saw a 49 percent increase in full-price sellouts, showing that activewear has not completely replaced denim in closets across the country.

One quarter of all stocked sportswear is footwear. In the past two years, footwear continues to be the second most-stocked type of product (24.4 percent), just trailing behind tops (28.7 percent). The top three brands of footwear in the United States are Nike, Asics and New Balance, respectively.

Sports crop tops are seeing strong growth. Activewear crop tops have steadily increased in popularity, growing 112 percent from Q3 2014 to Q3 2016.

Accessories are in strong supply, but not as much demand. While retailers have increased their accessories category by 28 percent, full-price sellouts are down by nearly 9 percent from Q3 2014 to Q3 2016. This represents an opportunity for retailers to revisit their sales strategy in accessories moving into 2017.

Leggings will most likely see a spike in January. Leggings continue to be a popular item in activewear, growing 198 percent from January 2014 to January 2016 inclusive, with an average of 160 percent increase in full-price sellouts in the past two years.

Users of the new "Sports and Active" feature can gain insights into styles, colors, prices and drop rates, so that they can make strategic pricing, promotion and assortment decisions. In the United States, EDITED currently evaluates more than 19,000 sports and activewear brands, and 1 million products.  Every day, EDITED's in-house analyst team tracks more than 520 million products, providing graphs, visuals and reports for its customers worldwide. 

The new feature enables apparel brands and retailers to:
  • Filter activewear versus non-active wear - Separate items to gain greater granularity and analysis into the category, while comparing it to the overall apparel and accessories market;
  • Analyze by lifestyle or type - Differentiate between athletic attire versus athleisure or "sports influenced" products, or evaluate particular apparel or accessory category;
  • Drill into keywords - Add specific keywords typically used in the athleisure and activewear category (such as fabric details, product descriptors or sports types) to gain insights into micro trends and opportunities;
  • Spot gaps and best sellers - Identify top moving products and take immediate action on promotions, pricing and replenishing.
"Activewear represents one of the most important categories for virtually all apparel brands and retail channels. To succeed in this space, it's absolutely essential to have the up-to-the-minute information on the most popular styles and price points," said Vyacheslav Zhiril, head of sport category at online fashion retailer KupiVIP. "Our strong relationship with EDITED means that we can meet consumer demand, stay on trend, and continue to track opportunities for constant growth."

"Our extensive analysis shows that activewear is not a saturated market - rather, with more newcomers it's an aggressively competitive and growing industry. Whether it's launching new labels or the latest stretchy denim styles, activewear is a must-have in closets worldwide," said Katie Smith, senior retail analyst at EDITED. "Our new Sports and Active feature means that our customers now have the data to immediately support critical pricing, promotions, product tracking and assortment decisions. When today's consumer is so invested in making a lifestyle shift built on healthy living and comfortable clothing, our insights can make all the difference."

EDITED's technology harnesses the power of data science, advanced machine learning and intelligent word recognition to analyze the websites of brands and retailers around the globe, converting these into real-time insights for its customers.


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