Dollar General Leverages Predictive Modeling to Identify Potential Employees

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Dollar General Leverages Predictive Modeling to Identify Potential Employees


Dollar General is leveraging best-in-class training programs, targeting technology and new employee benefits to support its goal of investing in its employees as a competitive advantage.

Dollar General’s HR team has found new, creative avenues to identify top candidates for external leadership positions. The team utilizes technology, which combines targeted advertising, data science and the predictive modeling of the organization’s top performers to identify and attract potential candidates.

“Candidates interested in joining Dollar General should see a company that offers a path forward to start or advance their careers,” said Lori Bremer, Dollar General’s vice president of talent management. “We believe the opportunity to build a long-term career at Dollar General is the most important currency we have to attract and retain talent, and our organization creates seemingly endless opportunities for employees to grow and develop their careers alongside our growing business.”

The team sought to identify top talent for leadership positions across the country, particularly in field operations. Approximately 11,000 current store managers had been promoted from within, and the training and development team created a pathway for recently-hired sales associates to be promoted to a lead sales associate in six months, an assistant store manager in one year and the potential to be a store manager within three years. They also identified high-performing store managers as candidates to become district managers.

“After implementing new software into our recruitment strategy, we were able to better identify ideal candidates from across the country to lead our field teams, to grow within our company and support our overall business,” said Bremer. “This strategic investment in technology helps give us the tools to seek out candidates who are a great fit for our business, our objectives and our mission.”
In addition to attracting talent, Dollar General also looked for new methods to engage current employees. It launched DG Voice, a new continuous feedback survey where employees now stay engaged year-round by providing feedback on a quarterly basis through the new software. Participants can see their feedback in action, often by the following quarter of the latest DG Voice survey.

“As our business continues to grow and we continue to make strategic investments in our employees, we identified a gap of eliciting employee feedback and having a better understanding on what employees expect from the company as their employer,” said Kimberly Huffman, Dollar General director of human resources. “With the new quarterly surveys, we are able to make more real-time adjustments based on what our employees need. As a result, we have seen overall engagement scores and retention rise across the organization.”