DotCom Distribution, Mainstreet Commerce Partner on Multichannel Solutions

Dotcom Distribution, a provider of fulfillment and logistics solutions, announces its partnership with Mainstreet Commerce, an end-to-end e-business software provider for many of the most successful global online brands. The combined solution works with any front-end e-commerce platform to help brands like Vineyard Vines run a seamless multichannel e-commerce experience from beginning to end.

The partnership – which combines Mainstreet's E-business/Order Management System (OMS) and Dotcom's Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities – was initiated to provide retailers with visibility and control throughout the e-commerce environment. This is crucial for companies like Vineyard Vines, who not only ship to brick-and-mortar shops and department stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, but also ship directly to consumers through its e-commerce platform.

"Vineyard Vines uses a combination of Mainstreet's BusinessFlow, Dotcom's WMS solutions and Demandware's front end e-commerce platform to keep track of its multi-channel inventory, which spans both B2B and B2C," said Nick Pendrous, CIO of Dotcom Distribution. "They need visibility into every aspect of the process - from ensuring the warehouse inventory matches what is online to keeping the sales team at various locations updated on what products are available at other locations to make the sale."

In addition to providing retailers with a unified view of inventory across channels, a true end-to-end e-commerce model gives both retailers and customers a streamlined view of an order's journey from warehouse to customer.

"Eighty-five percent of retailers do not have a connected system in place for products as they move throughout the ordering process," said Pendrous. "It's frustrating for both the retailer and the customer when they can't see the status of an order in real-time. The combination of a successful front-end solution and our combined back-end solution effectively solves this problem."

Whether a retailer is working to become omnichannel like Vineyard Vines or to simply grow its e-commerce business, the ability to scale orders relies largely on the back-end structure in place.

"The combination of Mainstreet's BusinessFlow and Dotcom's WMS capabilities form a world-class solution for online retailers," said Mike Sandler, CEO of Mainstreet Commerce. "To compete in today's marketplace requires a seamless omni-channel presence, workflow and tools to manage visibility and productivity, and the flexibility to seize new market opportunities as they arise. These challenges are addressed through this partnership. Collectively, we drive client growth and profitability."

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